In addition to the scenic views and the wildlife habitats they maintain, farms are an integral part of our community and economic base. Our goal is to promote farming that puts people, animals, and the environment first, and to help make responsible farming a financially sustainable way of life.

We are happy to donate any or all of the following services:

We provide the design and deliverable files to send to print however, we do not cover the cost of printing or production. We do not cover the additional costs of naming, photography, copywriting, and other 3rd party vendors. If it is determined that you need these services, we are happy to refer you to qualified or experienced vendors and help you price out the most cost effective options.

Farmers, artisans and other agricultural-related businesses who...

We deeply value sustainable business practices and encourage lessening our impact on the environment. We want to work with other businesses and organizations who share these values. Pro bono services will be considered to those who share how they protect the environment during all phases of product development including growing, production, printing, sales, and disposal.