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Preserve Farm Kitchens is a Petaluma business that partners with local farms to turn their excess or imperfect produce into award-winning specialty sauces and jams. In doing so, this women-owned business is reducing food waste and creating a new market for local farms with limited resources.

The grant awarded included developing Preserve Farm Kitchens’ brand strategy and positioning, as well as redesigning their sauce labels.

Here’s a quick look at our process...

We met with chef and owner Merrilee Olson to get a better understanding of their company mission, local impact, and production methods. This was followed by a brief survey where they responded to images that gave us a better idea of the style and personality they envisioned for their brand.

With a good understanding of our client’s products and business goals, we then heavily researched the pasta sauce, jam, and condiment categories. We spent time in various retail environments and studied each competitor’s messaging and positioning. From this we gained a deeper understanding of what sets Preserve Farm Kitchens’ products apart and what might help them stand out on shelf.

The brand strategy and positioning we recommended was born out of our research and insights from the internal and external review stages. Preserve Farm Kitchens creates delicious, award-winning products, but what we found truly sets them apart is their reason for being - to help preserve local farms, local communities, and divert unnecessary food waste. In addition, we recommend exploring a more artisinal feel to communicate the brand’s local, small-batch quality.

Before starting the design phase, we reviewed different design and illustration styles that could work well to further express Preserve Farm Kitchens’ positioning. We settled on a combination between the two mood boards shown above: industrial typographic elements paired with vibrant, non-traditional ingredient illustrations.

Preserve Farm Kitchens chose a design that integrated the product’s name with their mission statement, “Supporting local farms while reducing food waste.” We extended it across the rest of their sauces, creating a new, hand drawn pattern for each sauce that highlights the various flavor profiles. We updated their existing logo, creating a red badge that is consistent across all SKUs, enhancing brand awareness and making it easier to read their entire name. The unique label diecut and handwritten flavors further communicate the artisinal positioning, while the hand-stamped “Farm ID” provides full transparency and authenticity, allowing consumers to see exactly which farmer grew their food.

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