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OZ Family Farm started in 2004 as an offshoot of the Osman family's 4-H project, and has since evolved into an award winning, small-scale rabbit, heritage turkey, geese, and duck farm. The family-run operation is dedicated to using the most humane, natural, and sustainable practices available for all the animals on their farm. In fact, they raise the only geese in the nation that are Animal Welfare Approved, and are 1 of only 4 in the state that are Animal Welfare Approved for turkeys.

The project awarded included updating and unifying OZ’s branding across their various product offerings and creating a package design for the vermicompost they create as a byproduct of their rabbit manure.

Here’s how we did it...

Our first step was to meet with owner and head farmer, Kelly Osman at her bucolic farm in Valley Ford, CA. Touring the farm, we learned about their sustainable farming methods and were educated on the harvesting process. Kelly shared her vision for the farm’s future and talked at length about the family’s cultural heritage, represented in the Celtic and Native American styles in the existing logo. This representation of her family’s diverse background was deemed a critical element to be maintained moving forward.

With a good understanding of our client, their products, and their business goals, we set out to gain perspective on the heritage meat industry, its consumers, and the retail environment. We reviewed competitor brands (online and at retail) and studied related sustainable farming categories and trends, such as the Paleo movement, that may be speaking to a similar audience.

Before starting the design phase, we reviewed different illustration styles that could work well to further define OZ Family Farm’s current logo, without diverging too much from what they already had. We all agreed that, despite the visual appeal of the various styles presented, expanding upon their existing Native/Celtic illustration style would be the best way to go, using their iconic rabbit illustration as our inspiration.

Using their current logo as a starting point, we explored different layouts, font options, and illustration styles, making sure not to deviate too far from the current Native/Celtic feel the client liked in the original logo. We extended the final design to the duck, goose, turkey, and botanical variants, maintaining a consistent illustration style across all the logos. We also explored various options that would take “OZ” out of the animal illustration to improve legibility and consistency across the various logos. The result is a recognizable brand system that holds together as a family, while having the flexibility of using different logos for various products, audiences, and applications.

We presented examples of their branding extended to tshirts, hats, and so much more! We are currently working on the vermicompost bag design. Keep an eye out for it in local nurseries Spring 2018.

Learn more about OZ Family Farm on their Facebook page.

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