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Beet Generation Farm, founded in 2010, is located in Sebastopol, CA. Surrounded by a strong community of friends and family, Libby Batzel and Ali Levesque are committed to farming healthy food for a wholesome lifestyle for both themselves and their community.

The project awarded included developing the farm’s brand strategy, logo, and package design for a line of pastas that uses puréed vegetables from the farm.

Here’s how we did it...

We visited Beet Generation Farm in Sebastopol to see where the magic happens. While navigating the rows of crops, we had a chance to talk to Libby and her crew of female farmers about her passion for providing healthy food to feed their community and her vision for the future. To dig deeper, we had their key decision-makers answer survey questions to get a better sense of the personality and style they envisioned for their brand.

With a good understanding of our client, their products, and their business goals, we set out to gain perspective on the artisan pasta industry, its consumers, and the retail environment. We visited their farmers market booth, sampled their pastas, and browsed the shelves of local supermarkets and specialty food stores for inspiration and current trends.

The brand strategy is a culmination of our findings from steps 1 and 2. We presented our key insights, along with areas of opportunity and recommended brand positioning. All of this information was boiled down to the defined Brand Pillars which represent the enduring elements at the heart of the organization. These pillars inform the brand personality and all marketing touch points so the designs accurately represent the brand.

Before starting the design phase, we reviewed a few different styles that could represent Beet Generation Farm’s Brand Pillars, while also differentiating them from other similar products and appealing to their target audience. We all agreed that a combination of bold color and modern botanical had the greatest potential and, more importantly, was an accurate reflection of the owners bold and off beat personalities, and their infectious passion for colorfully flavorful food.

Several logos were presented, all attempting to convey the bold, progressive personality of Beet Generation Farm and its farmers. Ultimately, the final design was chosen for its modern, clean artisan feel that incorporated subtle imagery of the beet through clever use of negative shapes.

The new branding was extended to their colorful line of pastas. While the logo and kraft bags express the artisinal side of the brand, the bold labels bring in the “off beat” aspect of their brand personality with fun names like “Too Sexy Tomato, Worship me from my head to-ma-toes.” We created a “Made with Over 25% Vegetables” seal for the front of the label that clearly communicates this competitive advantage unique to their line of pastas.

The system allows for one bag that is customized with various labels that cleanly call out the pasta flavor while also serving to seal the bag.

Learn more about Beet Generation Farm’s new pasta line at

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